My Musical Journey

I started off in the naughty nineties as a clubber growing up on the underground house scene of Birmingham. My musical tastes styled by the weekly homage to Steering Wheel, Tins-Tins, Bakers, Stoodi Bakers, Branston's The Venue, The Hush, Bonds, Marco's and plus lots of others that should be mentioned but we'll just leave it there for now. Iconic promotions such as Miss Money Penny’s, Crunch, Wobble, S.L.A.G, Fun and Freedom supplied the sexy vocal house sound each week, these were some of the first sounds of clubbing I experienced after progressing on from the ever so youthful Saturday nights, consisting of top 40 anthems in Exile with a pizza planet kebab on the way home at 12am.

The house sound at the time was ok but to me it needed something else, I remember listening to a bit of Mellow & US Garage upstairs in the HUSH a few times which caught my attention. It had a bit of a step to it and the vocal on the tracks seemed to shine brighter than the house I was listening to. Enter U.K. Garage, oh my days when my ears first had the pleasure of listening to UKG my soul was musically cleansed for the beat was different and bouncy, the vocals were stilly sexy and the rhythm still funky, but wait what was this new element playing in the main melody of the song, that’s right it was the bassline.

All over it like a rash I invested a lot of time travelling to a lot of the London garage events like Lacosa Nostra, Sunday Service, Stush, Strawberries and Cream etc. There was a whole heap of tunes at the time but I remember a lot of my favourites coming from Nice n Fruity, Dub Asylum, Confetti, UnderVybe, Groove Chronicles I could go on for hours. I do love UKG; I remember leaving a Harmony promotion in Birmingham one night when I was introduced to the real underground sound of Birmingham. In venues like The Westend Bar, Genesis, Dusk till Dawn, Peppers, The Merryhill Club, these were the start of 24 hour clubbing in the nineties. Nowhere before had I heard a DJ like Ric James do his set mixing Speed Garage into 2-step into Hard House into Club Classics it really was a life changing experience.

As well as Ric there were a few other Dj's that helped inspire my sound so big shouts: Mickey Keyes Danny Technicci, Kiddo, Joe Hunt, Clinton Shawe, Mark Jarman. I used to watch these guys extra hard each week as there mixing was amazing compared to a lot of the other DJs I was hearing at the time, I was hooked I was more interested in the mixing than the tunes at this point, so began my transition into a DJ I moved into a flat next to Hard to Find Record’s and purchased my first vinyl, which I still collect today. Realising I would not get any where with out decks, I got some nightmare Gemini Pt 1000’s, which were absolute pants as all the clubs had Technic’s, suffering the Gemini’s for about 6 month’s I finally saved enough for 1210’s and then really began to practice, practice, practice. Before long I was confident enough to start playing out here and there. By the end of 2003 I had played a good amount of Birmingham clubs and had a few bar residencies, when I decided there was more to life than playing in City.

Looking to create my own chances abroad I booked a 2 week holiday in Tenerife. This holiday on the isle lasted a bit longer than expected, with me staying there for a few years playing to the holiday masses in all the infamous bars and clubs including the Soul Café, Bobby’s and Christies. Off season I managed to get two residencies on the island one at the DJ Café and another at Del mar café, run by local promoters running established nights for the Spanish of the island these were a lot of fun. It was ace I used to get picked up in a red Ferrari at 5.30 on a Sunday morning after playing out all night, to then go and play to a crowd of 2000 plus inside a speedboat in the middle of the dance floor while the sun rose on the terrace. I remember the panic every time I got picked up there was nothing harder, than trying to put your big dirty record boxes on the back seat of a car like that without scratching anything. During the last six months of my stay I spent a bit of time doing a radio show on Waves Fm in Los GIgantes the islands only station for people of a youthful nature, this was an invaluable experience big up Big Spence.

On return I spent a year in Birmingham taking up bookings catching up on the bassline house and 4x4 scenes which had evolved while I was away. Armed with some fresh sounds and an arsenal of Brummie favourites, I spent 3 years in Nottingham furthering my musical reputation in yet another new city. My first foot in the door happened as I strolled through the city centre one evening, I noticed a small bar and I thought to myself I could blast some tunes and the bar would fill up simple. I went in to speak to the manager and that was that so big shouts to the Riddim Niche Crew @ The Czheck Bar.

Got to shout out Chris Hogg @Groove City and Phil @Funky Monkey for keeping me alive with vinyl, they never failed to bring the bangers out, by chance I was raiding Funky Monkey one afternoon when I got invited onto Freeze FM 107.9 Nottingham’s longest and well known underground radio station. I did 4 till 6 Saturdays, this show elevated me to new heights and gave enough of a fan base to run three promotions, while being booked by the city’s other clubs and brands like Luscious and Chunky Funky. Big shout’s to the ravers that came to the I-Bar, Pelham’s and Bar Humbug. My time in Nottingham was wicked and helped me get some international bookings in places like Ibiza, Bellamadina, Ayia-Napa, and Malaga. The best part of my time there though was hooking up with Solution from chart toppers H2o; he helped me sort my studio out and gave a few lessons on mastering and production. I was hooked and still am, I remember one of my earlier tunes being given away on Dj friendly CD as part of a pack for the Download Promotion, I was dead chuffed lol. Even though I am not a master at music production I still try to get better by practising when I can, I do everything myself using Cubase and Reason and will not speed things up by getting another producer to make a track for me, just so that I can put my name to it. When and if I do get a successful track at least it will be 100 percent all my doing, and that will make me feel good.

For the past 9 years I have been putting my time into raising a family, getting a degree and growing old lol. I’ve managed to keep in the loop by doing various radio shows and appearances Big Shouts to, Rouge FM, Silk City, Phatbeats and Midlands Beats. I have also been involved in promotions in B’ham like the Westend Bar Reunions, Till-2pm and Expression. As of 2018 my family are getting a little older, so my studio is unpacked, the lab is back open and I am starting to take up a few bookings again, any other info from here on in will be put on the site.